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Do I need to know how to swim?

This depends on what tour you purchase. For our Non-Swimmer Tour, we do not require our attendees to have swimming experience. This tour is specially designed for all age groups & swimming abilities & we regularly work with individuals who have never swam. However, for our Scooter Tour we do require you to have swimming experience. Having previous snorkeling experience is a plus. Both tours offer you the opportunity to learn how to snorkel by yourself so you may enjoy snorkeling for years to come.

What is the age and weight limit for the sea scooter snorkeling tour?

We have had ages from 4 years old to 70 years old in our tours. The tour minimum age is not set in stone, we do make exceptions based on the person’s swimming ability. This info would have to be communicated to us via phone call or email. However, our guide will still have to assess the person on the day of the tour to ensure he/she is capable of enduring the swim. If our guide is not comfortable with the person’s swimming experience, the tour guide will recommend a private tour if special assistance is needed. The weight limit we recommend 275 lbs or less with great swimming skills

Do we snorkel from a boat?

No. We do not snorkel from a boat. Our snorkeling starts from the beach, which enhances the use of our scooters. We spend more time snorkeling and less time traveling to the site.

How many people are in my group?

We have a minimum of 2 and maximum of 8 guests with two tour guides in our group tour. Yet the smallest group in Maui. (Compare us with boat tours between 90-150 people in your tour) We want you to have fun and enjoy snorkeling with a professional tour guide swimming next to you all the time explaining and showing all the beautiful marine life to you.

Are any other people coming on my private tour?

No. In your private tour it’s only you, your partner, your family, your group with a dedicated tour guide.

Should I bring a camera? (Do we actually have a GO-Pro to Rent?)

Yes, you can bring your underwater camera. However, we do have a videographer on the beach to take amazing vides of your snorkeling tour this way you enjoy you tour more.

What temperature is the water on Maui? How far/deep do we go?

Lucky for us the water temperature year-round is between 75 to 80F (24 to 26.5C).

Do we need to bring breakfast/lunch?

We advise eating a light breakfast and to drink and bring plenty of water before you arrive to the beach.

What are the best conditions for snorkeling on Maui?

The Best conditions to snorkel on Maui is the Morning before the Trade Winds pick up, 7am to 10am.